Construction & Erection All Risks Insurance

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Construction & Erection All Risks Insurance

Building protection around all levels of your project.
Deep Experience and Contacts
Our market understanding and relationships with underwriters help us provide you with the right match for your risks. You also benefit from our team’s experience in:
  • Reducing claims costs through loss prevention
  • Claims Cost Control team to track, evaluate, and reduce losses
  • Financing risks via captives and other alternative risk tools
  • Advising on and arranging surety bond facilities
  • Integrating loss control, claims, and risk management into a comprehensive Wrap-Up package
Lockton Advantage

Risks in the construction industry can be challenging and demanding, we start by understanding your activities, contracts, parties involved and varying insurance requirement. Then we connect them to our expertise and one-stop business solutions.

Our strengths:

1. Understand client goals and objectives.
2. Risk profile
3. Insurance and risk management analysis
4. Develop strategic risk and insurance plan
5. Deliver meaningful results
6. Measure and monitor


We can offer cover on an annual basis, or for a one-off project. We understand the requirements placed on you by contract conditions and can respond to unusual requests quickly and efficiently. Our expert construction team can offer policies including:

  • Contractor’s All Risks Insurance
  • Third Public Liability or Excess Third Party Liability (when the high limit is required)
  • Advance Loss of Profit (Delay in Start Up)
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Hired in Plant
Our Experts

Chutinan Kaewngamsaard
Department Manager – Business Development
icon-phone +66(0) 2635 5000 Ext.6501
social-icon-mail Chutinan@lockton.com

เกศินี บุญกิตติวัฒนา

Kasinee Boonkittiwattana
Senior Director – Corporate Risk Services
icon-phone +66(0) 2635 5000 Ext.6100
social-icon-mail Kasinee@lockton.com

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